I only came because my wife was pressuring me to do something! She was shocked at how well the treatment worked!
– Wayne R
I’m 49 years old. I feel exactly how a man should feel. Very confident it’s where it should be, and for the first time in my life sex is something to look forward to and not worry about. I didn’t think anyone could help me, but the Sempra Wave works!
– John O.
The office is so easy to find, and the discreet nature of the staff was a warm welcome! Thanks again!
– Phil L
I gotten an erection a couple of times since my 3rd visit & one after that. I hope after 6 visits I can get an erection much more often 🙂 It has been 21 years since I was able to get and maintain an erection. I forgot what I was missing!
– Tom S.
I was treated like a person – Robert was a big Help. No Pill or Pump ever worked for me. Your clinic is full of miracle workers.
– Jerry H.
“Your Staff was friendly and respectful. They never made me feel embarrassed or or uncomfortable! It’s been 7 years since I was able to get and Maintain an erection. I Forgot what I was missing! Helped Me Big time.”
– Kevin W.
This is a Natural option and an Actual Fix to my Erectile Dysfunction.
– Michael P.
The Doctor was a wonderful man who talked with me and carefully reviewed my medical history. He and his medical staff knew just what to do for me and wow… I never expected such fast results.
-Rafael G.
I didn’t think anyone could help me, but The Acoustic Wave Therapy Works!
– Dennis R.

“I was nervous and embarrassed about getting treatment for my ED, but I was also desperate. Your staff made me feel comfortable, and most importantly treatment started working after a few visits.”
– Mike P
“Visiting your clinic was the best choice I’ve ever made! I only wish I had known about this years ago.”
– Troy R
“I went to 2 doctors and a Urologist, and none of them could help me. Now I can have sex”
– Happy Patient
“Doctors have been telling me for years that there was no hope. I was just too old for sex. You’ve proved them all wrong.”
– Happy Patient

“The only person more excited than me about this wonderful therapy is my wife. She missed the intimacy more that I thought.”
– Happy Patient

“Thanks to your treatment I no longer have to act my age. I feel 25 again!”
– Happy Patient

“Because of the side effects, I can’t take Viagra or pills.”
– Happy Patient

“When my prostate was removed, I thought my sex life was over. But, thanks to you my sex life has been better than ever.”
– Happy Patient

“Other treatments were not safe for me because of my other medications. This is a Natural option and an actual fix.”
– Happy Patient

“I thought this might be another scam or diet. I have bought things before that did not work. I cannot believe how great I feel now. Thank you!”
– Happy Patient

“It’s been 12 years since I have been able to get and maintain an erection. I forgot what I was missing.”
– Happy Patient

“I saw an Urologist, and he wanted to cut me open and give me a penile implant! Then I heard about your clinic and gave you a try. Your treatment worked and no surgery!”
– Happy Patient

“Thank you for everything. You’ve given me my sex life back!”
– Happy Patient

“No pill or pump ever worked for me. Your staff is full of miracle workers.”
– Happy Patient